Packing Tips

Before you start packing

It is wise to make a list of all the packaging materials you will need to preserve you property during transit and storage.

There are loads of specialist packaging materials, boxes and covers available from the Securostore sales department. If you need help or information please call for FREE no obligation advice.

Start packing

One room at a time. The more organised at packing you are ,the easier unpacking will be.

If there is any room left in a box fill it with bubble wrap or paper This will prevent the box bursting if something is placed on top of it.

Never wrap valuable items in newspaper. The print can come of and damage your valuables.

Clothes and bedding should never be packed in plastic. If you pack them in cardboard boxes they should not “sweat“, but as an added precaution it is wise to use moisture absorbers.

Label all items clearly, especially those packed in paper as they can easily be discarded in error!

Where possible pack all electrical goods in their original boxes and avoid shredded paper with machinery (dvd and video players) as it can get in the works.

Stand plates on their edges, not flat.

Glass surfaces and mirrors can be strengthend by placing an X across them using masking tape. They should then be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a flattened box.

Fridges and freezers should be cleaned inside and stored with doors open to avoid odours.

Washing machines and outside furniture should be emptied of any remaining water and dried with a cloth.

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